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From Chernobyl to TikTok: Timur Mason’s inspiring story [Video]




  • Timur Mason, a 25-year-old man from Hartford, Connecticut, born with no legs and one arm, is inspiring millions with his videos on TikTok.
  • His biological mother took him to an orphanage, and it’s believed that his disabilities are from radiation exposure from Chernobyl.
  • Despite his challenges, Timur is independent and motivated to become a motivational speaker.

Meet Timur Mason, a 25-year-old man from Hartford, Connecticut, who was born in Moscow, Russia, with no legs and only one arm. Despite his challenges, Timur has become an inspiration for millions through his videos on TikTok.

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In an interview with News 8, Timur explained that his disabilities are believed to be from radiation exposure from Chernobyl, and his biological mother took him to an orphanage where he was later adopted at the age of three.

He was taught to be independent and always say his two slogans, “I can and I will.” Last September, one of Timur’s TikTok videos went viral, and he has since gained nearly 14 million likes.

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Timur hopes to become a motivational speaker someday, and he’s ready for any challenge. “I am on a journey right now and I will let it take me wherever it goes,” Timur said.