Furry little family moves in man’s garage without him knowing

Little family moves in a man’s garage without him knowing

  • Jeffrey Peltier was surprised to see a mama cat with four kittens in his garage one night.
  • Apparently, the mama cat, Amelia, brought her kittens one by one after a tropical storm hit the area.
  • Jeffrey brought them to the vet and made sure that the kittens would be ready for their forever homes.

One late Friday night, Jeffrey Peltier went out to his garage to polish his motorcycle. It was a quiet night until he noticed a mama cat hiding beneath his motorcycle, along with two tiny kittens.

The mama cat’s name is Amelia, and she’s well known around the neighborhood, but not her kittens. Jeffrey was the first one to know that she had baby cats.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Peltier/The Dodo

Jeff wanted to keep the cat family safe, so he put them in a box and got them all settled into the bathroom for their stay. When he came back outside, two more kittens suddenly appeared, so he reunited them with the rest in the bathroom.

Jeff was curious about where the kittens had come from and how they ended up in his garage. His Ring security camera footage saved the day and showed him the missing piece. He realized that Amelia and her kittens had been in the garage even before he spotted them.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Peltier/The Dodo

“I saw that Amelia had brought the kittens to my house Thursday afternoon, one by one,” Jeffrey told The Dodo. “When I saw the footage of her bringing the kittens over, I was just amazed. The previous day we had just had a tropical storm come close to Florida. I assume the next day she went looking for somewhere safe to put her kittens.”

Jeffrey was just glad that the furry family was safe. And the thought that Amelia found security in bringing her kittens to his garage was just calming for Jeffrey.

Soon after, Jeffrey brought the whole family out for a vet’s check-up. Fortunately, all of them were in good health. Jeffrey even made sure to bring the kittens back to the vet for vaccination, and in no time, they will be adopted out into loving homes.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Peltier/The Dodo

As for the kittens’ mom, two families are always ready to welcome her home. Jeffrey and his neighbor planned on sharing Amelia, letting her roam around as she really loves being outside. Amelia can always drop by at any of their houses anytime she wants.

“We are happy that she has these beautiful kittens, and I will make sure that they find good, safe homes,” the kind-hearted man said.


Source: The Dodo

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