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Generous Gym Owner Lets Members Take Home Some Equipment So They Can Work Out At Home During Quarantine



  • Drew Whitted, the owner of Be Strong Gym, decided to have his members take the gym equipment home, so they don’t have to skip their routine during the quarantine.
  • His members were blown away with his generosity and for sure they are excited to get back to the gym.
  • For now, Drew is happy with the decision because he has seen families bonding by working out at home.

Developing good exercise habits takes a long time. But with all the gyms deemed non-essential establishments and are ordered to close temporarily around the country, it hurts for people to know their exercise routines are going back to square one.

A concerned gym owner from Illinois has anticipated that so he came up with a way to make sure his customers can continue doing workouts at home. 

So with the stay-at-home order in the state, Drew Whitted, who owns Be Strong Gym from Bloomington, Illinois, allowed his gym members to take home workout equipment worth more than $40,000, so they can continue with their exercise routines at home, for free…

…And he was glad to do that because he has seen that it has become a way for families to do bonding working out.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

“Now I see a whole family, getting through this shelter in place, getting through this tough time doing these workouts together, bonding together, becoming healthier and happier together as a family unit,” he told CNN.

About 80 members accepted the offer and took some equipment home leaving him with a few he can use for his daily online training sessions.

The kindhearted gym owner also did not lay off his 8 employees and promised to pay them still. He also offered his members a month free after the lockdowns are over.

Paulette Cocco, one of the members, was amazed by the business owner’s generosity. She told CNN: “He had recently put a lot of money into getting new equipment. I mean, his equipment is really beautiful, so it was a big sacrifice.”

Her family has started doing exercises with her at home and they even plan to join the gym once it reopens. Paulette also promised to pay for the lost months as an act of gratitude to the kind gym owner.

Drew, on the other hand, believes his members will be excited to go back to the gym and work out together again soon.

Source: Good News Network