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German Shepherd Treads Water For 11 Hours To Call Help For Her Dad After Their Boat Sinks



  • A 63-year-old man had a leisure cruise in Moreton Bay near the coast of Queensland, Australia with his best friend, Heidi, a German shepherd.
  • At some point, their boat lost power and the water was quickly filling in until it slowly sank leaving only the tip of the boat and the debris floating.
  • But Heidi refused to give up and did everything so she could get help, until finally, after 11 hours, a fisherman spotted him and called for rescue immediately!

Anything can happen in the water. So it is always better to be prepared.

Just like what a 63-year-old man recently experienced off the coast of Queensland, Australia. One day, he took his boat to Moreton Bay, never expecting anything unlikely was going to happen. Fortunately, his best furry friend, a German shepherd, was there to accompany him all the way.

During their leisure cruising, the man’s boat lost power and the water was filling in fast. In the next few hours, the two of them were left with the boat slowly sinking. Unable to maneuver back to the shore, they were floating with the debris and the tip of the ship.

But the furry friend refused to give up! Heidi did her best to move through the water and get help for the next 11 hours.

Until finally, a fisherman spotted her at around 6 a.m. and realized a missing person is nearby. He called the Brisbane Police right away and a massive search and rescue were immediately deployed. After a few hours, they found Heidi’s owner along with the remnants of his boat.

They rushed the man to the hospital while they brought Heidi to the vet. Luckily, both of them only had minor injuries and eventually, they came out just fine! The sweetest moment was that, when Heidi and her dad got reunited, the Queensland police officers were all there to bear witness to the special moment. 

Heidi truly is a hero.


Source: Inspire More