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Girl Requests Police To Investigate ‘If Santa Is Real’, Sends Half-Eaten Cookie For DNA Testing



  • Santa and the nine reindeer’s existence are now under investigation by the Cumberland Police Department in Rhode Island.
  • A young girl wrote a letter to the department requesting them to see if Santa is real based on her evidence of a half-eaten cookie and carrots.
  • The department has already submitted the evidence for DNA analysis and are awaiting the results.

Let this serve as a lesson for Santa to eat all the cookies and not leave any evidence. 

The Cumberland Police Department in Rhode Island is currently investigating whether Santa is real or not based on a girl’s request and evidence of DNA from a half-eaten cookie.  The nine reindeer’s existence is included in the investigation, too.

Cumberland Police Department said that they would do their very best to solve the case.

The young girl’s request went:  “Dear Cumberland Police Department, I took a sample of a cookie and carrots that I left for Santa and the raindeer on Christmas Eve and was wondering if you could take a sample of DNA and see if Santa is real?”

The department showed a partially-eaten Oreo cookie and two small pieces of carrot in exhibit 1.  The girl obtained the evidence from her when Santa visited her on the morning of December 25, 2022.

Photo Credit: Cumberland Police Department (Facebook)

Chief Matthew J. Benson has already ordered the Investigative Division to bring the evidence to the State of Rhode Island’s Department of Health – Forensic Sciences Unit for proper analysis. “We will do our very best to provide answers for her,” said Chief Benson.

The news release has gathered a lot of reactions from readers like Rebecca Jean who wrote: “I [love] this story. Never stop believing in the magic.”

The Police have been in contact with the girl and are now awaiting the results of the analysis.  They also provided her with uncovered evidence of Santa’s visit: a security camera photo showing a deer with antlers.

Next time, if you do not want to be investigated, Santa, eat all the cookies!

Source: People