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Golden Retriever Breaks Guinness World Record For Holding The Most Tennis Balls On Their Mouth



  • Finley, the golden retriever, is happiest when he bites down on tennis balls, sometimes six at a time.
  • His owner shared the dog’s ball-holding talent online, unaware that this talent is world record-worthy.
  • In 2019, the Guinness World Record for holding the most tennis balls on their mouth was transferred to Finley after holding six balls on his mouth.

Finley loves tennis balls more than anything. The golden retriever is happiest when he bites down on tennis balls, sometimes six.

This obsession with tennis balls started when the dog was two years old. Back then, in their house in Canandaigua, New York, Erin Molloy noticed that her dog enjoys picking up tennis balls. Before long, Finley picks up more than one at a time.

Today, Finley is a professional tennis ball holder. His human found it necessary to share her dog’s silly antics on social media for the world to see his talent. Besides, how many dogs could pick up six tennis balls in his mouth?

Holding tennis balls on his mouth is surely impressing, but his human was unaware that this is world record-worthy until she discovered that her dog is now the record holder. The Guinness World Record for holding the most tennis balls on their mouth previously belonged to another golden retriever in 2003, able to hold five tennis balls in their mouth. Finley beat that record. The world record title was transferred after the dog was able to hold six tennis balls in his mouth.

Finley found himself at the receiving end outpouring of love and support from everybody after this achievement. His supporters could not be happier for sure.

“A lot of the messages were like, ‘We’ve been following Finley’s journey to the world record for so long, this is so well deserved, so happy you finally got it,’” Erin told USA Today.

The family celebrated the dog’s win in their backyard, throwing a party with a tasty cake for the dog. The achievement is certainly something to be proud of. For the family, the impact that their dog has made is the best part. Finley is able to spread joy throughout their community of dog lovers.

“It’s lifting people’s spirits more than we had ever expected or hoped for, which is really fulfilling,” Erin added. “And it’s really rewarding knowing that something as simple as a good boy is making people smile all over the world.”

Finley would not let his title and his newfound fame go to his head. Besides, the only thing that matters most of the time is his love affair with his tennis balls, his favorite things in the whole wide world. Here is to hoping that the dog would never have to go through a day without his tennis balls. Congratulations, Finley!


Source: Inspire More