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Golden Retriever Does Heart-shaped Zoomies When Parents Get Engaged [Video]



  • Jack and Madison was on the beach with their dog, Sonny, when Jack got down on one knee to propose.
  • Sonny suddenly got so excited that he got the zoomies and ran all around his parents.
  • Madison said yes, and Sonny couldn’t be any happier to contribute to the excitement.

Getting engaged is one of the biggest moments in a couple’s life. Naturally, they would want to capture that moment and memorialize it, whether by photo or video. One couple included their dog in that special moment, and he was so excited that he got the zoomies!

Jack and Madison went for a trip to the beach with their dog Sonny back in August. As they posed to take a photo — or so Madison thought — Jack suddenly got down on one knee.

Photo Credit: TikTok/bodybymadison

As Madison covered her mouth in shock, Sonny suddenly digs a hole in his excitement.

Sonny then zooms into the camera and starts running and jumping all around the couple!

It seemed like Sonny detected the air of excitement around him and he just couldn’t hold it in!

Jack and Madison couldn’t help but laugh.

Madison said yes, and described the moment as “the most beautiful day of our lives.”

Photo Credit: TikTok/bodybymadison

Viewers couldn’t help but point out that Sonny’s figure eights around the couple nearly took the shape of a heart, or at least a combination of a heart and the infinity sign, which was certainly a good sign.

Sonny will surely be excited about his role in their wedding, whether it’s walking down the aisle, delivering the ring, or just posing for photos.

Just in case he gets the zoomies again, Jack and Madison may want to hire a pro to help them out on their big day.


Source: Daily Paws