Golden retriever going viral for her stomping dances [Video]

  • A  4-year-old golden retriever is going viral on TikTok.
  • She has captivated TikTok users with her stomping dances.
  • Her stomping dances started when she was one year old.

Meet Nala, the new queen of viral TikTok dances.

A 4-year-old golden retriever named Nala has captivated the public with the stomping dances she does with her owner, Chris Lindamood.

In the viral videos, Nala rushes between her owner’s legs and cheerfully stomps her rear paws in exchange for scratches, or simply for fun, while Lindamood sings her favorite anthem.


Hopefully this finds you if youโ€™re only here for the Nala stomps.

โ™ฌ original sound – Chris and Nala

“She stomp, she stomp, she perform the Nala Stomp!”

Lindamood said that the feisty and “extremely loving” Nala has been stomping unprompted throughout the majority of her life.

Lindamood tells Daily Paws:

“She was under [1] year old when she started doing it. She always liked to go under people’s legs, and she loves butt scratches. So she’d go through my legs, I’d give her the scratches, and she just started stomping, no training involved!”

The song that accompanies her stomps came effortlessly, and many pet owners can identify, posting stomping videos with their own goldens, Bernedoodles, pit bulls, and even human companions.

Lindamood didn’t think twice about including a brief footage of Nala stomping in one of his vlogs because the two had been doing this song and dance for so long. When the video quickly reached 100,000 views and comments started flowing in, he realized he had something special. He has now surpassed 2 million followers after uploading another video of Nala performing her stomping routine.

Nala is frequently stomping or hiking about somewhere beautiful in Utah, making these TikToks the ideal vacation from their couches for anyone searching for their dog and travel fix.

While Lindamood never anticipated the videos to become viral, he is pleased with the impact he has had on the many viewers who have appreciated the Nala Stomps.


Unfortunately I had to make thisโ€ฆdoes this prove that I donโ€™t force her to do Nala stomps? ๐Ÿคฃ

โ™ฌ original sound – Chris and Nala

Lindamood says it makes him really happy that he can share Nala with everyone.

“I’ve had so many good comments from people saying, ‘This is the only thing that got me out of bed in the morning’ or ‘This has literally lifted me out of depression.’ I’m very fortunate that my dog is able to bring so much joy to everyone.”

Source: Daily Paws

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thanks to nala for making my day. you are so fortunate, chris.