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Golden Retriever’s Enjoys His Freedom Home Alone Out Of Crate



Quick Smiles:

  • A golden retriever enjoys her first time home alone out of the crate, choosing to spend her time napping on the couch.
  • The hilarious moment was captured on a pet camera and shared on TikTok, earning 1.8 million views and over 226,900 likes.
  • Other dog owners share similar stories of their dogs’ behavior when left out of the crate, sparking a discussion on the pros and cons of crating.

Im well aware the quality of my camera sucks…and yes, this is how she was for hours

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Dog owners often find themselves in a dilemma: to crate or not to crate their furry friends when they’re away. Some fear their dogs might cause mischief if left unattended. However, a recent incident involving a golden retriever left out of the crate for the first time has shown that all they might want is a bit of rest and relaxation.

A TikTok video was posted by the account @camilaboyd. The video, captured by a pet camera, showed a 1-year-old golden retriever experiencing her first taste of freedom out of the crate. The pup’s sole interest? Sofa naps.

The golden retriever took full advantage of the vacant couch, transforming it into her personal napping haven. She explored every inch of the couch, seeking the coziest spot for her nap. The pup showed no interest in causing any damage to the house. Her only desire was to enjoy the comfort of the couch.

The video caption humorously stated, “…and yes, this is how she was for hours.”


The dog’s owner, when asked if this lounging behavior was typical for her, confirmed, “she will only do it if no one is watching.” With the house all to herself, it was inevitable that she would claim the couch as her own.

This amusing TikTok video quickly gained popularity, amassing 1.8 million views, 226,900 likes, and 604 comments by Monday. One viewer commented, “She has been waiting for this day! Sweet, sweet couch freedom!” Another TikTok user added, “Love it. Making sure to test out all the pillows for maximum comfort!”

Other dog owners chimed in with their own experiences of letting their dogs roam free. One shared, “My two numnuts kept breaking each other out of their crates. Finally did free roam and this is all they did. Lesson learned.”

The decision to crate or not is subjective and depends on the owner’s preference and the dog’s behavior. Some owners prefer crating to prevent their dogs from causing trouble, especially if they have separation anxiety or a tendency to chew on household items.

However, others choose not to crate their dogs, particularly if they’re away for a long time, due to concerns about potential depression or aggression. If you decide to let your dog roam free, ensure that harmful items and food are kept out of reach to maintain their safety.