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Golden retrieves bewildered gosling and shows it to her mom [Video]



  • Violet the golden retriever surprised her mom one day when she retrieved a gosling from a pond.
  • Violet’s mom was incredulous, and told her to drop the gosling and back off.
  • She returned the bewildered gosling to the pond, where it swam off to return to her family.

Violet the golden retriever showed just how much she loves retrieving when she brought her mom a gosling after a swim in the pond.

Her mom, who was clearly incredulous, asked her, “Violet, are you for real right now?”

In the video, we can see Violet paddling her way through a pond while carrying a gosling in her mouth, while a goose, presumably the baby’s mother, honks in the background.

When Violet reached the edge and placed her paws on the concrete, her mom scolded her and told her to “drop the duck.” Violet obeys, gives the little one a boop on the head, then resumes her swimming.

Photo Credit: TikTok/KT&PC

Golden retrievers have been specifically bred to retrieve game, such as waterfowl, to return to their humans. Their “soft mouth” ensures that their teeth do not damage pelts or feathers, which bring more value to hunters.

While viewers pointed this out and praised Violet for her retrieving skills and gentle handling, some criticized Violet’s mom for allowing her to go off-leash and disturb the wildlife.

So Violet’s mom shared another video that showed the gosling, which seemed generally unharmed.

In the video, we can see Violet trying to approach the gosling again, only to be told off by her mom.


Still, critics were pretty concerned for the little one, which they think has been slightly injured.

To ease some concerns, Violet’s mom showed a follow-up video of the gosling swimming in the pond toward her family on the other side.


Reply to @unclekeff the duckii is fine #hatersgonnahate ♬ original sound – KT&PC

We hope that gosling was indeed reunited with their family!

And we also hope that Violet has learned that, sadly, she can’t take every little animal home to be her friend.

Source: Daily Paws