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Goldendoodle’s Human-Like Lounging Will Make You Laugh



Quick Smiles:

  • A goldendoodle named Evie has become a social media sensation for her human-like lounging habits.
  • Owner Hunter Haag, from Charlotte, North Carolina, shared a video of Evie’s unique sleeping position on TikTok, garnering over 7.4 million views and 1.1 million likes.
  • Evie’s belly-up lounging style, indicative of a playful and loving personality, has left social media users in stitches and inspired an outpouring of love for the pup.

Imagine the surprise of Hunter Haag, who, upon venturing downstairs for a late-night glass of water, found her goldendoodle, Evie, sprawled on the sofa in a rather human-like manner. Evie, with her legs stretched out and lying on her back, seemed more like a weary office worker than a dog who had spent most of the day snoozing.

Haag, a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, was unable to contain her laughter at the sight of 6-year-old Evie in such a relaxed state. She told Newsweek, “she truly is a human” at times.

Despite the late hour, Haag felt compelled to capture her dog’s peculiar sleeping position on film and share it on TikTok (@hunterhaag). The clip, posted on February 21, has since been viewed over 7.4 million times and has amassed more than 1.1 million likes.


I swear she is the funniest pup ive ever met 💀😅 #goldendoodle #goldendoodlesoftiktok

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“I always burst out laughing when I see her acting like a human. This time was exceptionally funny,” Haag shared. “She’s very strange, but in the best way as she’s also hilarious. She has a huge personality and always needs all the attention on her, so she truly is just like a person at times.”

Many dog owners can attest to their pets adopting unusual sleeping positions, often leaving them puzzled as to how their furry friends find such postures comfortable. However, according to PetMD, Evie’s belly-up lounging style is quite common among dogs. This position is typically indicative of a playful and loving nature, often seen in dogs still in their puppy years.


PetMD also notes that dogs may sleep on their side, suggesting a calm and content demeanor, or adopt the donut position, signaling shyness. The lion pose, on the other hand, could be a sign of a protective and loyal pet.

The video of Evie lounging has left social media users in stitches, with many finding her relaxation style hilarious. Alongside the viral video, Haag humorously noted that “she is the funniest pup [she’s] ever met.”