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Good Samaritan Mows Neighbor’s Lawns For Free And Deliver Them Food!



  • Rodney Smith Jr. loves helping people and making them happy.
  • During the lockdowns, his non-profit organization never ceased its operations mowing neighbor’s lawns.
  • In fact, they added a delivery service where they bring food and other supplies to people in need in their community.

All his life,  Rodney Smith Jr. loves helping people. He started in 2015 a non-profit called Raising Men Lawn Care —  where he recruits local youth to tend to the lawns of disabled people, single moms, elderly, and veterans in their community in Huntsville, Alabama. Even Queen Elizabeth, who’s not easy to impress, has noticed his act of kindness.

Amid the global health crisis brought about by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the organization hasn’t stopped doing good things. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They ramped up their lawn-mowing operations, and now, they also deliver food and other necessities to residents, especially the high-risks.

“People have been donating money for hand sanitizer, fresh fruit, water, toilet paper, and other items for those who can’t get outside of their house,” Rodney told

“I mow lawns, drop off and go.” But of course, that’s after they have selfies with the satisfied residents.

Photo Credit: Rodney Smith Jr.

Recently, he started a  50 Yard Challenge and kids throughout the country have been involved. It’s a national competition for lawn-mowing and so far, there are 710 boys and girls who have signed up and committed to mow their neighbor’s lawns for free!

For every 10 lawns they finish mowing, they get a t-shirt as a reward and once they finish 50 lawns, they would be getting a leaf blower, a weed eater, and best of all their own lawnmower!

“My mission is to encourage kids to get out there and give back to their community,” Rodney said in a 2017 interview with ABC News.

“I tell people all the time, if they are able, they can make a difference, and my way of making a difference is with a lawnmower.”

Rodney’s ongoing “50 States, 50 Yards” tour, has been postponed for now due to the lockdowns and he decided to stay close to home for the meantime.

“I’m just mowing and doing what I love to do best: helping others,” he said. “This, too, shall pass, and things will get better,” he added referring to the pandemic.

Source: Tank’s Good News