Good Samaritan tracked owner of iPhone he found to return sentimental photos

  • Owain Davies could not believe that his lost iPhone would find its way back to him after 10 months.
  • Miguel Pachaco found the iPhone in a river and took pains restoring it, hoping to find its owner.
  • Miguel believes that a phone contains important information and sentimental photos and should be returned to its owner.

When you lose an iPhone in a river, you would think it’s gone for good, right?  But this one was returned 10 months later, in good condition.

Owain Davies’ iPhone fell in the river when he went canoeing during his bachelor party. He thought that all the sentimental photos on his phone would forever be gone as water and electric gadgets certainly do not mix.

Photo Credit: Miguel Pachaco

But Miguel Pachaco is no ordinary finder who would throw the phone away or pawn it.  When Miguel found the phone in the river 10 months after it was lost, he took the phone apart in his home and dried and aired every part thoroughly.

For Miguel, there would be important information and sentimental memories kept on the phone.  That is why it would be worth salvaging it.

True enough, when he attached it to a charger the morning after he cleaned and dried it, an image of a beautiful couple from 10 months ago appeared on the home screen.

Photo Credit: Owain Davies

He then took to Facebook to help him locate the owner of the cell phone by sharing photos of the screen saver and phone.  Netizens shared the post more than 4,000 times and eventually reached Owain’s friends who alerted him.

Photo Credit: Owain Davies

And that’s when the power of social media and the honesty of the finder to return a phone with sentimental photos, worked.  Phone and owner now reunited— thanks to Miguel Pachaco.

Source: Good News Network

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