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This Great Dane is the sweetest brother to tiny foster kittens [Video]



  • Corbin is a 150-pound Great Dane who looks intimidating but isactually a gentle giant.
  • His family regularly fosters kittens, and Corbin loves it whenever he meets new kittens.
  • Despite his size, he knows how to be gentle with his foster siblings.

At 150 pounds, Corbin the Great Dane can be intimidating. When he was adopted by his family about 5 years ago, he already weighed 110 pounds at just 8 months old.

Photo Credit: Instagram

A lot of people find him scary because he is so big, but according to his human mom, Karen, Corbin is actually a gentle giant.

She shared, “Corbin is the most laid-back love bug. He is extremely relaxed and very friendly.”

His family regularly fosters newborn kittens, and Corbin has become the sweetest brother to them all.

Photo Credit: Instagram

At first, his family was worried that Corbin may not be coordinated enough around tiny animals because of his size.

But the sweet pup proved them wrong.

Corbin simply loves other animals, so he makes sure to be their most gentle protector and friend.

Photo Credit: Instagram

According to Karen, Corbin really enjoys the company of other animals and will play with them if they’re willing to.

Photo Credit: Instagram

He also gets excited when he sees rabbits and squirrels, but he doesn’t chase them away.

Corbin gets super excited when his family brings home a new litter of foster kittens.

“When we have new kittens he’ll run into the room and look for them,” Karen shared. “If he sees one that is standing still, he’ll nudge it with his nose.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

The younger kittens usually don’t know enough yet to be scared of Corbin, so they easily become friends with him.

Older kittens, meanwhile, will oftentimes run away from him. When this happens, Corbin knows to be patient and wait for them to feel safe.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Eventually, the kittens grow curious about him and start to approach him.

Karen said, “I’m always impressed with his restraint. He lies still and they will come and sniff his paws, or play with his tail. Before long they realize that he’s gentle and the friendship begins.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

Corbin has become a big brother to dozens of foster kitties over the years.

Photo Credit: Instagram

They can often be seen cuddling together, and the kitties love snuggling up against his warm belly.

Photo Credit: Instagram

“He is just a happy boy and wants to be around people and other animals. He loves to get love and give love,” Karen shared.

You can see more of Corbin and his family’s foster kittens on Instagram.

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