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Great Dane’s Goofy Car Antic Make Him A Tiktok Star [Video]



  • A Great Dane puppy is still adjusting to his long limbs, especially when in the car.
  • Mom recorded a funny video of him with his head resting on the side of the headrest while his hind legs are dangling from the back seat and posted it on TikTok.
  • The hilarious video immediately went viral after posting, making Howard a star.

Howard is a 5-month-old Great Dane puppy who is still adjusting to his growing body.  He is still trying to figure out how his long legs work.  So far, he has learned to walk calmly in dog-friendly stores and swim.

But being in a car, both parked and running, has been a puzzle for him.  He just could not neatly arrange his gangly limbs to sit still.  

Howard usually sits in the back seat but that does not stop him from exploring the other spaces.  His mom allows him to jump into the front seat when the vehicle is parked.  And when the car is in motion, he would stand on all his long legs and poke his head out the sunroof, letting his ears and chops to flap in the wind.

But there is a place in the car that he loves to sniff at and dig his face in— the trunk!


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Anything that smells delicious or he is curious about is fair game.  He just has to step over the barrier with his front legs while leaving his hind legs dangling over the seat.  And all that is there in the trunk will be gone in seconds.  That is why his mom would have to call out his name out loud or stop the car for her to get him out the trunk!

Photo Credit: Ellen Mackenzie

This is what happened one day when looking at the back of the car, his mom can only see a pair of floating legs. Knowing that the trunk was filled with groceries, Mackenzie said, “I didn’t want him to get into the bread bag. I just kept yelling, ‘Howard! Get out of there!’”

Photo Credit: Ellen Mackenzie

But Howard only turned his head and rested it on the side of the headrest with his legs still dangling on the backseat. Fortunately, they were still parked and so Mackenzie recorded the very funny optical illusion.

She showed it to her friend who advised her to post it on TikTok.  And it broke the net.

Howard, you are such a Scooby Doo!  Keep it coming, Mackenzie!


Source: The Dodo