Hero 7-Year-Old Dives To Bottom Of Pool To Save Toddler From Drowning [Video]

  • Seven-year-old boy Massiah Browne of California is being hailed as a hero for saving a 3-year-old from drowning.
  • Massiah Browne was swimming when he saw the toddler at the bottom of a pool, nearly lifeless.
  • He dove down to grab the toddler’s arm and brought him to the surface.

Massiah Browne was swimming in his Sacramento, California apartment complex’s pool when the beautiful sunny day nearly turned into tragedy.

The seven-year-old was enjoying the water with his 9-year-old aunt, Savannah, when he saw something unusual at the bottom of the pool — a toddler with his mouth and eyes wide open six feet below the water’s surface.

Massiah immediately told his aunt about the boy. Savannah, who knew Massiah is a good swimmer, urged him to jump in and get the toddler. The second-grader has been swimming since he was three years old. According to his father, Marcus Browne, Massiah swims like “a fish.”

Marcus used to be a boxer who competed in the 2012 Olympics.

Without hesitation, Massiah jumped into the pool. He dove deep down to the bottom and grab the 3-year-old boy’s arm and pulled him to the surface. Savannah helped him get the toddler to the pool deck where some adults were waiting. They already called 911.

Photo Credit: KTVB (YouTube)

“I do not know how he did it. He is only 7, small framed and not that much taller than the child he tried to save.” neighbor Djuan Perry, who saw what happened, wrote on Facebook.

Two other people began CPR on the child who was almost lifeless. The Sacramento Fire Department arrived on the scene and started providing life support efforts. The 3-year-old boy started to breathe on his own again. He was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Photo Credit: Djuan Perry

Massiah is now being hailed a hero. Like many heroes, he doesn’t think he should be called one.

“But my mom does,” he said.

Oh honey, you are. Not everyone will put their lives in danger to save others. It takes not just courage, but selflessness. And you’re seven. We’re sure you’ll spend a lot of goodness as you grow up.

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Massiah is a real hero. What a wonderful child. Thank God for him!

YES!!! There are still heroes in the world!

You are a real hero Massiah. You was Savannah’s Angel. You earned your wings. May God bless you. and your family. May God bless Savannah and her family.