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Hero Dog Rescues A Baby Bird Who Fell From The Tree, Now The Pair Is Inseparable!



  • Hiro found a little baby bird that had fallen from a tree last month.
  • He rushed to rescue her and so did her mom.
  • They found out that the bird was impaired but she was a fighter so they helped her recover and survive!

Hiro has always been a hero in his own ways — and recently, he proved yet again that he is indeed a really good boy. 

Hiro and his mom, Viviana Davila, were having some relaxation bonding in their home’s backyard in Puerto Rico sometime last month, Hiro suddenly noticed something — or rather, someone — and he was trying to get his mom’s attention to it as well.

Photo Credit: Viviana Davila

“I noticed Hiro licking something on the grass. Hiro licked this thing and looked at me, and insisted again by licking it and looking at me,” Viviana told The Dodo. “That gave me the signal that there was something going on and I approached Hiro.”

Viviana got curious enough to look and she found out that Hiro was with a baby bird who needed help fast.

Photo Credit: Viviana Davila

“I instantly looked for a towel and picked her up,” Viviana said. “She was very defenseless and helpless.”

Hiro saved the baby bird’s life but sooner, he was bound to do more than that!

Photo Credit: Viviana Davila

Later on, Viviana  learned from the vet that the baby bird, a Quaker parrot, was paraplegic — she was likely impaired when she fell from the tree — and if Hiro did not find her and acted quickly, she wouldn’t have survived. 

However, the baby Quaker parrot was a fighter! And because of that she’s given the name Hope!

Photo Credit: Viviana Davila

“The vet told us that on similar cases he recommends clients to put them to sleep,” she said. “However, he was surprised to see how Hope was striving to live.”

Following the doctor’s instructions, Viviana brought Hope home and decided to take care of her the best she and Hiro could. She feeds her regularly and keeps her clean and comfortable. 

Photo Credit: Viviana Davila

“It has been a week and a half and she is doing far better,” Viviana said. “Hiro has been part of that effort. Since day one he has not left her side.”

The dog took it in his shoulders the responsibility of looking after the baby bird until she heals her body and her heart as well. 

Photo Credit: Viviana Davila

“Nothing matters anymore for him because he has a new purpose: taking care of Hope,” Viviana said.

The pair have become quite inseparable and the blossoming of their beautiful friendship is just so adorable.

Source: The Dodo