Hero dog who sniffs out explosives receives medal from the President of Ukraine

  • Patron is a Russell terrier who has made a huge contribution to Ukraine.
  • He clears lands of mines left behind by Russian forces.
  • The Ukrainian president awarded Patron with the Medal of Honor. 

On Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky honored Patron, the beloved Russell terrier who has discovered hundreds of explosive devices during the war in Ukraine, with a well-deserved service medal.

Since Russia’s invasion in February, Patron has found more than 200 explosives, per the Times. In March, Ukraine’s State Emergency Service shared on social media a video of the tiny dog’s work, bringing him greater attention.

Zelensky said on Sunday, per the BBC:

“I want to award those Ukrainian heroes who are already clearing our land of mines. And together with our heroes—a wonderful little sapper Patron who helps not only to neutralize explosives but also to teach our children the necessary safety rules in areas where there is a mine threat.” 


Zelensky also presented a medal to Patron’s owner and trainer, Mykhailo Iliev. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, was also present. The State Emergency Service joked on Facebook that Trudeau, who is seen patting his pockets in the footage, couldn’t find a slice of Patron’s favorite cheese.

Patron, a 2-year-old Ukrainian dog with a nose far more powerful than ours, has most certainly saved numerous lives. According to the New York Times, withdrawing Russian forces left behind land mines and other devices that might harm innocent residents. Fortunately, most of those bombs don’t stay concealed when Patron is nearby.


Patron also undertakes humanitarian work and acts as a symbol of Ukraine’s courage when he’s not clearing mines alongside Iliev or teaching kids. 

Patron is depicted in one image peeing on a Russian missile, according to the BBC.

The medal is great, but we’re hoping Patron’s favorite cheese—a complete block of it—is eventually found.

Source: Daily Paws

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