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Hero Park Ranger Carries Dehydrated, Exhausted Dog To Safety



  • Lexie Daniel and her group encountered a fellow hiker, having trouble because his dog was exhausted and overheated.
  • The owner is unable to carry the poor animal on his shoulders, especially since there is a considerable long distance ahead, and decided to request assistance from park rangers.
  • The park ranger who responded carried the exhausted animal from the pick-up point, all the way to the street at the bottom of the trail.

Lexie Daniel and others hiking in the mountainous hills of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area encountered another person on the trail, looking anxious because his dog was exhausted and overheated. The temperature was 90° Fahrenheit on that particular day.

Lexie and her group wanted to help the poor animal and donated their water. However, the group was afraid that this is not enough, after seeing how much the dog was already struggling.

“The owner brought along a huge jug, but no amount of water seemed to be helping,” Lexie told GNN.

He is not capable of carrying the large dog on his shoulders. There is a considerable long distance ahead, so the owner called to request assistance from park rangers as soon as possible. He reported their location on Mount Tammany and waited.

Park Ranger Kris Salapek searched for the hiker and his exhausted dog. The park ranger picked the large dog onto his shoulders and carried him down the mountain.

 “It was a LONG distance—a couple miles down an incredibly rocky path,” says Lexie. “When they reached the stream, Kris laid him in the water as he knelt beside him and poured water on him.”

The pick-up point is far from the bottom of the mountain, but the park ranger carried the exhausted dog all that way down to the street.

“He must’ve been on his shoulders for about an hour, it was a long way down!” Lexie said.

Lexie’s cousin, Tori Matyola, said that the owner hiked down ahead, heading over to his vehicle down to the street to take the dog straight to a veterinarian. Fortunately, by the time the park ranger handed the poor animal back to his owner, he was looking a little bit better.

Lexie shared about the encounter immediately after she arrived at her house, inspired by what she just saw. Her post about how the park ranger carried the exhausted dog is shared over 35,000 times and received comments of admiration for Park Ranger Kris Salapek.

“This is a HERO,” Lexie wrote. “We are so lucky to have rangers like this (who) put even animals before themselves. This ranger deserves insane recognition and a standing ovation for his bravery, selflessness, and strength.”

Source: Good News Network