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Homeless Cat Tricked A Woman To Buy Him Treats, She Adopted Him Instead And Bought Him More [Video]



  • A homeless cat stays on a strategic spot outside a store’s front door and waits for strangers to buy him treats.
  • When Tania saw him, he did the same scheme, until she learned he had no home.
  • So Tania decided to adopt him and buy him treats without him having to convince her.

Last week, Tania Sants dropped by a store near her home in Mexico when she noticed a cat by the front door.

While sitting there by himself, it seems that the white cat was not there just randomly.

Shortly after, Tania learned that the cat was strategically on that spot with a goal in mind.

After giving the kitten a few rubs, Tania was quite amused that he was leading her to go inside the store. As they started walking through the shelves in the store, the cat suddenly stopped at one section prompting her to stop as well. 

That section was where cat treats were displayed. So she decided to buy him some.

On her next visit, she looked for the kitten but he was nowhere to be found by the front door.

Photo Credit: Tania Sants

But as she went inside, she saw the feline seemingly waiting for her. Of course, he’s in the cat treats section, where else?

Eventually, Tania learned that the cat was a regular. He visits the store to convince people to buy him something. After that, he disappears and no one knows where he goes.


Tania wondered if the cat had a home.

The next time she saw the cat in the store, Tania decided to take a photo of him while in the treats section waiting for another kind soul to buy him some.

Photo Credit: Tania Sants

Tania then again gave in to his request and bought him treats. But this time, she followed him quietly and realized he was actually a stray cat after he settled in an empty spot by the road.

Then and there, Tania decided to bring him home.

“I took him to my house and I adopted him,” Tania told The Dodo.

Tania has no idea how long he has been homeless. All she knows is that he had a rough life. His fur was not matted and he had no tail anymore.

Photo Credit: Tania Sants

But he has a home now and that’s what’s important.

Tania went back to the store to ask if an owner somehow looked for him.

“They told me that no one had come looking for him,” she said. “They thanked me for taking him home.”

She then bought him treats but this time, he doesn’t have to ask for it.


“I bought him many treats,” Tania said. “He can trust that I always will.”

Source: The Dodo