Homeless Man Throws Special Birthday Party For His Dog [Video]

homeless man treats dog birthday

  • A Good Samaritan was at a park one day when he spotted a sweet scene unfold.
  • A homeless man was throwing his dog a special birthday party, complete with cake, candles, and party hats.
  • The homeless man was later approached by many more Good Samaritans to know about his story and help him out.

A shortage of luck and material possessions doesn’t have to mean a shortage of love and happiness. One homeless man from Choco proved it one day when he threw the sweetest birthday party with his dogs Shaggy and Nena.


A passerby spotted the sweet scene in the nearby steps of a park in Bucaramanga, Colombia, one night.

As Choco huddled with his dogs, he placed party hats on their heads before revealing a cake and candles. He then lit up the candles on the cake and sang a birthday song.

It turns out that it was Shaggy’s birthday. Choco was throwing him the sweetest birthday party!

Él es "Choco", un habitante de calle de #Bucaramanga. Siempre se le ha visto acompañado de sus peludos. Por personas como él es que debemos cambiar esta injusta sociedad. Agradecimientos a quien lo grabó ( si saben lo mencionan)

Posted by Rótelo, parche comunicativo on Friday, January 7, 2022

The passerby couldn’t help but film the sweet scene. But instead of just capturing footage and then leaving, they approached Choco and struck up a conversation.

They asked his name and story, and offered to help him and his dogs.

They learned that Choco escaped an abusive home and ended up living on the streets for the last several years. Despite being homeless, he made sure to give Shaggy and Nena the best care.


When the video of Shaggy’s surprise birthday party was shared online, many more Good Samaritans offered their support.

Now, the park he frequents has become a gathering spot for other animal lovers keen on helping Choco and his dogs get back on their feet.

Choco now receives several donations of food and supplies, and the pups get all the love and attention they deserve.

La gente viene hasta San pío en #Bucaramanga para que sus perritos se tomen fotos con Choco.

Posted by Rótelo, parche comunicativo on Sunday, January 9, 2022

Things are looking hopeful for Choco and his pups!

For now, they all share something far more precious than anything: their love for one another.

Source: The Dodo

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