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Hugging Cats Simon and Sebastian Are Inseparable Even In Death



  • Even when they were kittens and scheduled for adoption to individual homes, cat brothers’ Simon and Sebastian, could not be separated.
  • They wrapped their arms around each other so that one cannot be disentangled from the other.
  • Colleen Green gave in and adopted the two and provided them with love in their forever home until they passed away.

When cat brothers, Simon and Sabastian, were born, their foster mom wanted to find each kitten in their forever homes.  But the two must have made a promise to never be separated as when Colleen Green had planned on adopting Simon, Sebastian found a way not to be left behind.

Photo Credit: Colleen Green

Colleen said, “I’d go to visit Simon and when I’d pick him up, the shy, fluffy black one started jumping up into my arms along with Simon. They’d wrap their arms around each other and just gaze with such love at me. If I said anything, they’d move their little heads in tandem like they were one.”

Photo Credit: Colleen Green

Each and every time Colleen would come by, the same thing happened.  She would tell them that she cannot take them both but the kittens won in the end.  Colleen took both cats home.

Colleen realized that one is never without the other.  Their lives were so intertwined like their paws or bodies were when they were together.  They have never spent a night away from each other’s arms.  And Colleen would not be the one to separate the two.

Photo Credit: Colleen Green

Colleen added, “They were just so connected. I described them as night and day, complete opposites, yet they needed each other to be whole. When I had them neutered, the vet said they complained so much they had to break protocol and put them to recover in the same cage.”

The cuddle bugs were simply bonded and remained so for a long time, enjoying the love and home that Colleen had provided them with.

Photo Credit: Colleen Green

Colleen said, “When we lost Simon at the age of 16, I knew Sabastian wouldn’t let his brother leave without him. He passed less than a month later. I know wherever they are, they’re hugging.”

What a pair!

Source: The Dodo