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Hungry Bunny Eats Snowman’s Carrot Nose [Video]



  • A Canadian family watched a surreal scene unfold outside their house when a hungry bunny munched on their snowman’s carrot nose.
  • The Bryants started filming as soon as they noticed the bunny curiously eyeing the snowman.
  • The bunny ended up eating almost all of the carrot!

A family in Canada stumbled upon a scene straight out of a cartoon one winter’s day: a hungry bunny munching on their snowman’s carrot nose!

The Bryant family, from the Cambrian Heights suburb in Calgary, shared the video of the hungry bunny, which has since been viewed over 189,000 times! It was even featured by news sites such as CBC and NBC.

Sheila Bryant filmed the bunny with her phone as soon as she noticed it approaching the snowman, while Hannah Bryant took lots of pictures. The rest of the family watched as the surreal scene unfolded, CBC reported.

The Bryants first noticed the bunny curiously eyeing the snowman, which is just as tall and white.

Photo Credit: Hannah B

At first glance, it would seem that the bunny was just greeting the snowman with gentle kisses.

Photo Credit: Hannah B

But it quickly became apparent that the bunny was nibbling on the snowman’s carrot nose!

Photo Credit: Hannah B

The hungry bunny surely enjoyed the treat — there was almost nothing left of the carrot!

Photo Credit: Hannah B

The RSPCA warns, however, that rabbits or hares shouldn’t eat carrots as their main source of food, since they’re filled with sugar and should only be eaten as treats in small amounts. The main meals for bunnies should be leafy greens, grass, hay, or some food pellets.

People who saw the video shared their hilarious comments and sarcastic takes.

One user echoed common comments about taking a video first before helping:

Another commenter threw shade on people who refuse to wear masks:

Others poked fun on the Canadian stereotype:

Some offered insight on why snowmen are decorated with edible features:

While some… just want to watch the world burn:

Perhaps more people will keep a closer watch on their snowmen — armed with cameras — from now on.

Source: Bored Panda