Hungry Dog Freaks Out Over McDonald’s Fries [Video]

  • A family was driving through McDonald’s and got their order when their tiny pup suddenly went wild over one of the paper bags.
  • It turns out that he wanted his own McDonald’s fries and just went crazy over it!
  • The family made sure to get the pup his own Happy Meal on Friday.

Have you ever been so hungry that you couldn’t stop yourself from digging in, the moment your food arrives? Apparently, millions can relate — including a tiny pup who went crazy over McDonald’s fries.

Having a craving and finally being able to satisfy it can certainly lead to a burst of energy, and this pup showed the perfect example:

The pup’s sudden burst of energy was so hilarious. The tiny pup looked like a chaotic gremlin bouncing about like that!

The driver was shocked by the pup’s sudden chaotic energy and tried to hold onto the bag to prevent all the contents from being thrown about.

Just like the viewers, the pup’s fellow passengers were also shocked and amused by his reaction.

A lot of people could relate, however, and the video earned over 13 million views! Now we know just how many are addicted to McDonald’s fries!

Just look at those eyes — he definitely has that crazed look!

Photo Credit: TikTok/jnjcreations

He was completely filled with adrenaline once he saw that iconic paper bag and smelled the heavenly smell of potatoes!

TikTok user @qteezy_vibez thought that the pup “must’ve had a sip of the sprite first,” referring to the McDonald’s Sprite infamously known for its extra kick.

The pup’s owners decided to indulge him even more when they got him a Happy Meal for Friday. This time, he’s not willing to share!

Hopefully, no fingers were caught in the crossfire. Now this pup’s parents know to get him his own meals every time they drive by McDonald’s!

Source: Pet Helpful

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Frances Gregoriou

That dog needs some serious discipline, that behaviour would be very dangerous if he were any bigger.

kurt gandenberger

it is very cute, but i am sure if your vet knew you were feeding your dog mcdonald’s (or any other fast food meal) he or she might not approve.

This article about this Innocent Nieve pup, is Sickening! Animals are NOT supposed to be eating human food! These Stupid, human Ass-Hole, Demented Owners are “KILLING “ this poor Dog , that does NOT know any better, I have witnessed so many Dead Dogs, for reasons like this, they should NOT even own an Animal. Their stomachs are NOT , able to digest human food! Don’t you know this???same as Cats& other pets. Please , always check with your Vetanarian, it’s like Feeding a Big Mac to an Infant!! Because he may not show it now, the Dog, Will develope very deadly complications later on, Do Not have him in your car, or near you , when you buy human food for “HUMANS “, that’s why Dogs Food, etc. have LABELS! Once the pet is “SICK, You are to blame for killing the poor Animal!!!

I fed my dog human food almost entirely for about thirteen years! That’s how long he lived, about the lifespan of a small dog. And, as far as I could tell he was quite healthy, happy, and energetic throughout that time. Each year, he would get a clean bill of health from the vet.