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Husky Howls Along With Dog From ‘Zootopia’, His Favorite Movie [Video]



  • Zootopia, an animated movie starring animals, is Zeus the Husky’s favorite movie.
  • When the dog in the movie howls, Zeus will surely howl along with him
  • This starts a debate online about the reasons why dogs howl.

There are reasons why dogs howl.  It is an ongoing debate among dog experts.

The American Kennel Club notes said: “One theory is that the dog that howls for long periods of time is either bored or lonely. Another suggests they are searching for another canine or providing a location to a faraway pack member.”


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♬ original sound – Zeus the Husky

The Club notes also added that “The howl is considered to be a long-distance doggie telephone call since the long, drawn-out sound can travel for distances of several miles thus alerting other dogs to their location or needs.”

But one video that viewers are now delighting over is of Zeus the husky, howling along to the animation stars in his favorite movie, Zootopia, which may offer another theory.  Zeus is communicating with his canine siblings, albeit the cartoon ones. He is saying hello!

In the TikTok user @zeusthehuskyy1’s video, Zeus stands in front of the television and watches the canine characters intently.

When the cartoon dogs howl, Zeus joins in! The caption reads: “Wanted to see if my dog would howl during the howling scene in Zootopia.” And Zeus certainly lived up to his owner’s expectation.

And it’s not just his owner who likes the interaction but the 12 million viewers who like his vocal display.

“Bro sounds like Chewbacca,” hky brush joked with another fan, kieranvh95, commenting: “he turned into an air raid siren.”

And it is not just the humans who liked his howls but also his kind. Hiroko_chan2 wrote: “My dog has never howled in her life but she watched the video with great interest.”

And Alexis Laws claimed that “my dog dropped his toy and turned his head when he heard this.”


Whatever reasons Zeus may have, he certainly stirred the viewers’ and dog experts’ interests. 

Keep on “talking”, Zeus!

Source: Newsweek