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In A Jealous Fit, Dog Slaps Owner For Cuddling With Boyfriend [Video]



  • An Australian Shepherd dog named Nelson got jealous and slapped mom on the face.
  • In a TikTok video, Nelson’s mom was explaining to him why he should not slap her when he gets jealous when Nelson nudges her then slaps her.
  • A dog behavior trainer explains that dogs “paw” or smack to get attention.

Some people and animals cannot help but be jealous. And their ways of showing it can be quite amusing.  At least the non-violent ones. And one Australian Shepherd dog has become internet-famous and making netizens LOL for slapping his mom in the face for cuddling her boyfriend.

The video posted by Kendel Dunn (@kendeldunn) shows Nelson the Australian shepherd sitting on the bed and his mom explaining that he shouldn’t slap her when he gets jealous. the viral slap 👋🏻 #aussie #puppy #funny #cute #dogsoftiktok #australianshepherd #dog #tiktok #doglover #fyp #naughty ♬ Naughty – Alisha Weir & The Cast of Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical

But when the camera shifts, Nelson nudges her and slaps her as she lies on the bed with her boyfriend!

In just two days after posting, the video on TikTok received almost 10 million views and over 2 million likes.

CEO and founder of dog-behavior trainers Opportunity Barks Leigh Siegfred said that it is common for dogs to “paw” or smack for attention.

The nudge before the slap by Nelson is his way to get his mom to play.

But sometimes dogs do this to guard their owners.  And this shows a lack of leadership or training.  The relationship between the dog and handler is not clear or established, according to Siegfred. two peas in a pod! #aussie #puppy #cute #funny #dogsoftiktok #australianshepherd #tiktok #doglover #fyp #dog #peanutbutte #bestfriends #boy ♬ Just the Two of Us (feat. Bill Withers) – Grover Washington, Jr.

The Australian shepherds’ impressive herding skills and intelligence make them good guard dogs by nature. But in this case, Nelson just wants to play. Siegfred added, “As the closest, [Dunn] just happens to be on the receiving end.”

And TikTok users are commenting on the “alleged” jealous behavior. Sarah said: “I wasn’t expecting him to really go for it like that,” while joeythegoldencavalier wrote “That was PERSONAL,” and Carolena added: “I knew he was gonna do it.. look at his face.” And Archie the Airedale Terrier commented “Cute cute cute.. then… BAM.”


But then again Emily Docteur noticed, “That was not a slap that was full in assault.”

Photo by Maud Slaats

Other dog owners chimed in with their own experiences like Alivoa Beckim who wrote: “My dog does this when he wants attention” to which Harper, an Aussie owner said: “My Aussie does that too! We call it his bossy paw” and editing tingz agreed with: “Glad to know it’s all aussies and not just mine.”

PrincessP certainly can relate as she said: “My aussie slaps my phone when I’m using it instead of petting him.” And Jill Chauvin sums up with: “Me realizing this is an Aussie thing. My dog hits us all the time and never knew where it came from.”

Explain yourself then, Nelson! 😊

Source: Newsweek