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Internet Helps Find Hot Firefighter for Woman he Rescued From Stuck Elevator



  • A woman was videotaping her experience of being stuck in the elevator when the door was opened by a hot firefighter.
  • After regretting that she did not try to connect with him, she and a friend posted the video on TikTok to ask people to try and find him.
  • The video reached the firefighter, who gave his own response — and the Internet burst into excited hopes for the possible relationship.

It was the start of a bad day in New York City for one woman. Already running late for an appointment, the elevator even got stuck!

Despite the bad luck, she decided to chronicle her experience in a video recording.

It was then that the elevator door was pried open, thanks to the New York City Fire Department. And on the other side of the door was certainly “New York’s finest.”

Photo Credit: TikTok

The trapped woman was instantly smitten with her tall, dark, and handsome rescuer. She later regretted not trying to connect with him then, but luckily, she still had the footage of him rescuing her.

Her best friend encouraged her to upload the video on TikTok, entitled, “NYC FIND THIS MAN FOR MY BESTIE”, in the hopes to reunite them.

The TikTok video reached the firefighter’s sister and colleagues, who showed it to him. So he decided to create his own TikTok account (@firefighterbliss) and respond.

“What’s up guys, my brothers at the firehouse just showed me the video. I read the comments. Thank you so much for all the love,” he said. “I just wanted to make the video to say I’m glad you’re safe.”

So, of course, the online world instantly shipped the two. Lots of social media users are now seeing wedding bells!

One user gushed, “He said he’s glad that she’s safe…..sounds like wedding bells to me.”


Another agreed with all the fuss about the firefighter and said they would have forgotten their predicament once the doors opened to reveal him.

The woman later gave an update:


#stitch with @firefighterbliss lil update for y’all ♬ original sound – Hailey

She thanked everyone for making it possible to reach the firefighter and for all the hilarious and entertaining comments.

She then addressed the firefighter with a not-so-subtle invite for a drink: “TrueFirefighterBliss I hope you enjoy your new internet popularity and thank you for keeping us safe. Maybe I can buy you a drink sometime for saving my life. It’s the least I can do. TikTok it’s been a journey, I’ll keep you updated.”

Netizens who have gotten invested with their potential relationship are sure to keep watch for an update.

Source: Tank’s Good News