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Jack Russel May Have Performed Hilariously At The Dog Show But He Captured Everyone’s Hearts [Video]



  • A Jack Russel terrier was competing in a dog agility show when he nosedived in one of the jumps.
  • From there, he lost interest in seriously performing the maneuvers and just had a great time enjoying running around the arena.
  • But even without being able to bring home the blue ribbon, he won the audience’s hearts with his funny antics.

When you are at the dog show, you will be amazed at the ability of the dogs to perform amazing tricks while under time pressure and the judge’s close inspection.  They jump over barriers, smoothly maneuver their bodies in the weave poles and get in and out fast in the tunnel. 

It takes a whole lot of training and discipline for both dogs and trainers.  Dog shows are serious business.

It takes time before dogs are dimmed fit to compete.  So it was a surprise to see a Jack Russell terrier at the Crufts Dog Show’s “Rescue Dog Agility” taking the challenges not too seriously.  Sure, he did the challenges but he did not forget to have fun while at it.

The video starts with Ollie the rescue dog, attempting to jump over an obstacle but faceplants as he lands!

Photo Credit: Crufts (YouTube)

The commentator said, “Oh what a nose dive! And he couldn’t care less!”

Ollie just gets up, runs enthusiastically around the arena and at one time takes a sniff at something in one of the arena’s corners.  He must have found something interesting there.

The commentator now laughingly says, “Wrong way! Ah well, doesn’t really matter, does it?”

Photo Credit: Crufts (YouTube)

He further explains that at 10 weeks old, Ollie was re-homed from the Blue Cross organization.  He said that when Ollie was adopted into his new home, he was renamed from Lockey to Ollie and that he might still be confused that his trainer, Karen, is calling him Ollie.

Whatever was on Ollie’s mind at the show, he sure made everyone laugh and join him in his joy at running around and being free.

Ollie might not have been the champion in the competition but he is No.1 in the people’s hearts.


Source: Inspire More