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Japanese Couple Makes Adorable Hats for Their Cats Using Their Shed Fur



  • A Japanese couple makes adorable Nukege hats for their cats out of their shedding fur.
  • Ryo Yamazaki and his wife shared pictures of their cats in whimsical hats on social media for all the world to see.
  • Ryo is a photographer that’s why the photos turned out extra special.

Japanese couple Ryo Yamazaki and his wife got the idea for their craft on a busy day, grooming their three cats at home. The couple brushed their furs and the clumps of hair on their floor presented them an idea: What if these clumps of fur from their cats could be made into a hat worthy of Versace?

This idea pushed the couple to innovate and decided on felting techniques for the hat project intended for their cats. These hats would, later on, be known as Nukege hats. Translated, Nukege means shed fur or hair.

Ryo and his wife posted pictures of their cats in hats on social media. Based on their reactions to the pictures posted online, these Nukege hats received approval from their three cats. The material for the hats contributes much to how the cats reacted to the clothing — they are made from their hair which probably makes the smell familiar.

Here are some of the photos taken by Ryo, who happens to be a photographer.

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Embracing your inner Sherlock Holmes.

The ladybug good luck charm.

Dress up for the baseball season.

“I don’t feel like working construction anymore.”

Going-out-for-ice-cream outfit.

Cultural Appropriation?

Cat turned sunflower.

How about a duck?

These cats sure know how to rock these Nukege hats off their heads, but these pictures online from these adorable photoshoots are enough proof to say that animal lovers out there should try these hats for their cats!

Source: Good News Network