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Jason Momoa Has A New Pet Pig Because He Cannot Resist Bringing Movie Animals Home After Shooting [Video]



  • Animal lover Jason Momoa adopted a pig used in his latest movie after filming was over.
  • In two video posts, he said he cannot resist animals and invited the pig to the premiere of Slumberland.
  • Momoa is still trying to decide on naming the pig after two Hawaiian pork dishes, “Laulau” or “Manapua”.  

In the first video that the actor and huge animal lover Jason Momoa posted of him and his pet pig, he confessed, “This is why I can’t work with animals. I want to bring them home. Wild and feral like his pops.”

The pig is part of Momoa’s latest film, Slumberland.  He could not resist taking the adorable porker home after the filming of the fantasy movie.  Slumberland is slated to be shown on Netflix on November 18.

And in the second video he shared, he said to the pig, “You want to come to the Slumberland premiere? We can paint your nails pink and put a little top hat on you.”

Photo Credit: Jason Momoa (Instagram)

This time you will overhear his mom in the background telling him, “I think that’d be a little over the top since you just got him.” But the unfazed Momoa just answered: “Well, mom, I’m kind of over the top.”

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The pig, whose name “Lau Lau” or “Manapua.”, is still being decided on. In Hawaiian, those names are both pork dishes. Laulau is cooked Taro leaves with pork and butterfish filling in coconut cream while Manapua is steamed pork buns. Momoa was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and his father has Native Hawaiian ancestry, thus the name.

In the movie, Momoa is a magical character that assists a young girl navigates through her dreams to reunite with her dad who has already passed away.

Good thing he did not bring home one of the aquatic creatures in Aquaman. 

Source: People