K-9 Officer Refuses To Get In The Car Until He Gets His Belly Rub

  • A K-9 officer named Jango Fett of the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland had an “I’m not getting in the patrol car” day and wanted to play hooky.
  • His partner Deputy Ryan Costin’s wife, captured all the coaxing and the protest before he relented to go up the patrol car.
  • It took pats and scratches on his belly for him to be convinced to get in the car and go to work.

We all have those days when we do not feel like working and just play hooky.  And K-9s are no exception these days. But this is an act of disobedience that is so cute, you would not have the heart to punish the reluctant officer.


Maryland’s Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office has a Belgian Malinois named Jango Fett in its force. The K-9 officer has always had a strong work ethic and a high drive to do his work in detecting narcotics. He is the perfect partner for Deputy Ryan Costin.

But one spring morning, he suddenly ignored Deputy Costin’s order to get into the patrol car and flopped down on the grass, and refused to move.

Deputy Costin’s wife, Cassie, witnessed the whole scene unfolding in front of their front lawn and captured it all on video.

While Deputy Costin cajoled, pleaded, and gestured toward his stubborn partner, the K-9 was also busy trying to convince him to play hooky for the day! He looks like he’s telling him to call in sick and not work.

But Deputy Costin had a trick up his sleeve that would change the dog’s mind— belly rubs!  And so, he bends down to the pup, scratches and pats his belly and the dog gets up.

Cassie calls out to them: “So all I need to get ready for work is a belly rub,” as Jango jumps to the patrol car. “Got it, check.”

And the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office understands that Jango is entitled to one of those days.  They could not help but share the clip on their own Facebook page.

It’s okay, Officer Jango Fett! You deserve belly rubs every now and then.

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