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Kitten Uncovers a Hidden Mural After Ripping Up Wallpaper Inside the Bedroom



  • Zipper is always curious about something, even if it gets the cat in trouble sometimes.
  • The cat discovered how to rip the wallpaper off the walls, scratching it all up, and eventually had his owner forced to remove the wallpaper altogether.
  • What they discovered underneath the wallpaper is a beautiful mural.

Zipper has always been curious, from the first time Ceejae Jackman brought him under her care. The cat never runs out of energy, leaving his owner exhausted whenever he has new antics in store for the family.

The Dodo | Garret Jackman

“He is very rambunctious and energetic,” Garret Jackman says. “His name suits him well.”

Zipper discovered how to rip the wallpaper off the walls inside one of the bedrooms in their house months ago. The amount of damage done to the wallpaper forced Ceejae to remove the entire thing altogether, partially because she wanted the cat to stop.

The Dodo | Garret Jackman

“As she was removing it she was like, ‘Aww man, it’s brown paint,’” Garret said. “But as she removed more, she began to see a tree. Once she had the tree partially uncovered she sent me a picture and I was like, ‘Mom, this room has a mural.’”

The Jackmans working on the room quickly set to uncover the mural on the wall, eager to see what lies behind the wallpaper their cat scratched up. Of course, as they worked, Zipper supervised the entire time. This mural was discovered because of him, after all!

“Zipper was laying in the room and waiting for us to drop sheets of wallpaper so he could attack them and playing with our feet while we tried to work,” Garret said. “Just being an adorable nuisance.”

The two managed to remove the entire wallpaper to see the mural underneath…

The Dodo | Garret Jackman

… and they could not believe just how beautiful it was.

The Dodo | Garret Jackman

Both had decided to not cover up the mural on the bedroom. The Jackmans had decided to post the picture of the mural on Facebook in hopes to somehow track down the artist and to say their thanks for the artwork they found.

The artist later turned up, writing to come forth and say that he is responsible for the beautiful piece of art. His name is Jody Bayles.

“He said that he painted it for his friend’s first child over the course of a year, adding things here and there,” Garret said.

The credit for this incredible mural uncovered underneath the wallpaper goes to their cat, Zipper. Who would have thought that his rambunctious ways could actually save the day?

Source: The Dodo