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Koda The Fluff Spreads Happiness While Riding Her Red Convertible [Video]



  • Koda the Fluff brightens everyone’s days as she drives by in her red convertible.
  • She has been spreading joy around hospitals and first responders’ stations before the pandemic.
  • During the pandemic, her mom put up creative videos to continue spreading the joy remotely.

Meet Koda the Fluff. This 7-year-old licensed therapy dog from Orlando, Florida, had been spreading joy to nursing homes, police stations, fire stations, and local businesses since 2020. The sight of the smiling Pomeranian driving her red convertible never fails to bring smiles wherever she went.

Photo Credit: Facebook/kodathefluff

During the lockdowns, Koda’s mom Jena wanted to continue spreading happiness, so she kept making creative videos showcasing Koda and her signature car.

“We thought that using the videos would be a cool way to reach a lot of people rather than just the people we were visiting,” Jena shared.

Koda The Therapy Dog Is Breaking The Internet

Meet Koda the Fluff, the therapy dog with a red convertiblePosted by Supercar Blondie on Thursday, October 13, 2022

Jena noted, “Koda driving around in her car is nothing but pure, saturated happiness.”

Who wouldn’t smile after seeing Koda driving around in her little car? The sight of her just lights up everyone’s faces!

Jena hopes that the “digital pet therapy” videos will help relieve stress and promote a positive mindset during times of isolation.

Jena also started the nonprofit Smiles Fur Miles, Inc., with Koda as a founding member. They aim to add more trained therapy pets to drive tiny cars like Koda! This precious fleet will spread joy to schools, businesses, and first responders.

Koda has often worked with police departments to make educational and fun videos about driving rules, general safety, and being a good community member.

This October, she helped drop off relief supplies in Florida for those affected by Hurricane Ian.

Photo Credit: Facebook/kodathefluff

Koda is living the life — all while helping others! It’s really no surprise that the smiling Pomeranian on her tiny red car has become such a popular therapy pup both online and offline.

You can see more of Koda the Fluff on Facebook and Instagram.


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