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Labrador Turns Head Chef With Oven-Watching Antics



Quick Smiles:

  • Marley, a Labrador, has taken on the role of head chef in his home, keeping a close eye on all human food preparation.
  • Marley’s favorite “TV show” is watching the oven, especially when roast beef is being cooked.
  • A TikTok video of Marley intensely watching pizzas cook has garnered over 66,500 views and plenty of supportive comments from fellow pizza watchers.

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When it comes to food, dogs are known for their unwavering focus. This is particularly true when their humans are eating. Dogs are notorious for their soulful stares, pleading for a taste of whatever their owners are enjoying. However, one dog has taken this food fascination to a whole new level.

Meet Marley, the Labrador. Marley has self-appointed himself as the head chef in his household. He insists on being involved in every culinary endeavor, especially those involving human food. And like any good chef, Marley is always willing to sample the food his humans eat, just to ensure it’s up to par.

“Marley can often be found watching the oven,” shared Marley’s owner, known as @lab_the_inhaler on TikTok, in a conversation with Newsweek.

The owner humorously refers to this as Marley’s “favorite TV show.” However, Marley does have a preferred episode. According to his owner, Marley is particularly fond of watching roast beef cook in the oven.


Marley doesn’t just casually observe. He presses his snout right up against the oven window, taking in every detail. His owners kindly leave the oven light on so Marley can watch the food as it cooks.