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Little Girl Unexpectedly Receives Ice Cream Cupcakes From A FedEx Delivery Guy For Her Birthday [Video]



  • Jodan Price, a FedEx delivery driver is currently stealing hearts on the internet after his kind deed spread through Twitter.
  • When he learned that he was delivering for a little girl’s birthday, he came back and gave her ice cream cupcakes.
  • For him it may be simple, but for the family it meant so much!

A FedEx delivery driver is currently receiving a massive praise for going above and beyond his job to make a little girl happy on her birthday.

Emma, who just turned six, was so happy to unexpectedly receive a Dairy Queen ice cream cupcake from the delivery guy, Jodan Price. But he stayed humble about the gift he gave.

“I just wanted to do this because if we weren’t in this situation, she’d be celebrating with friends,” he said, according to the post that Emma’s mom, Liz Paternoster, shared on Twitter.

Liz also said, the FedEx employee deserves a bonus for his act of kindness that is melting a lot of hearts. 

The post has quickly gone viral with more than 189,000 likes and was retweeted more than 29,000 times.

“People assume that I knew my delivery guy, but we did not know him,” Liz told CBS4. “This was the very first time I had ever spoken to Mr. Price.”

On Emma’s special day, Liz apologized to Jodan because he would have to make multiple deliveries in their home for her daughter’s birthday.

Photo Credit: Liz Paternoster

Jodan greeted the little ‘Happy birthday’ then went on to his route. But shortly after, he was back by the door again holding four ice cream cupcakes for Emma.

“I opened the door. Emma was upstairs playing with her sister,” Liz explained. “He said, ‘I just wanted to make your daughter’s birthday special.’” 

He handed Emma the cupcakes and told her to share with her friends.

Photo Credit: Liz Paternoster

“It was pretty overwhelming,” Liz said a little emotionally. “We are very social people…To not be able to have our family over… they all live far away…it was difficult. So yeah, it meant a ton that someone that I had never even met before… wanted to help out. It was extremely special.”

It is uplifting to know that there are people like Jodan who, despite the situation, do not hesitate to do extra just to make people happy. Yes we agree, you deserve a raise!


Source: Tank’s Good News