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Little Girl with Missing Hand Gets a Cute Puppy with Three Legs



  • With their daughter born with a limb difference, Autumn Garfield and her husband were finding ways to make their daughter feel accepted in this world.
  • In their search for ways, Autumn came across Captain who only had three limbs, so much like her daughter.
  • It was love at first sight for Captain and Sage, who both instinctively recognized and accepted their kinship.

Finding kinship with someone can make things feel better and the world brighter.  It fills the heart with sunshine and makes you feel braver to face the world.

Sage Garfield of Morgan, Utah was born with a limb difference.  It was caused by a blood clot in her uterus that stopped her arm from growing.  Her parents knew that it would certainly have an impact on Sage as she grows up.  They joined social media groups with parents with similar situations and that is when Autumn Garfield, Sage’s mom, learned of 4Gold Service and Rescue.

The shelter had special needs puppies in their care.  And when she clicked the shelter’s link, that is where she found Captain.

Captain, a golden retriever mix, was also missing a limb.  His right front leg was missing while Sage’s left hand was missing.  They would be a perfect match and so she immediately sent in their application for Captain. 

Photo Credit: FOX 13 News Utah (YouTube)

There was quite a line for Captain but Autumn’s application stood out according to Tamara Forsyth who was in charge of reviewing the applications.  She said, “We definitely wanted a family where there is some type of situation that’s comparable to what Captain would be going through so they can relate and that it would be a special bond.” 

And the moment that they laid eyes on each other, it was love at first sight for Captain and Sage.  Their mutual special needs are a bond that no one would understand but a kindred soul.

Photo Credit: FOX 13 News Utah (YouTube)

Autumn said that as Sage would grow older, Captain would be a presence that would remind her that she is loved, limb differences and all. “She can find Captain and know that we love him despite of his differences. He is successful despite of his differences and his missing arm doesn’t affect anything about what he can do and how anyone feels about him.”

What a coming together of kindred spirits, braving the world together.

Source: Inspire More