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Lonely Widower Now Has Friends Worldwide



  • A lonely widower advertised for someone to talk to and even gave out cards but there was no response until he placed a poster in his shop.
  • The overwhelming response made his email crash!
  • Tony Williams now has callers from Asia, Europe, and the USA.

After hanging up a poster that he was lonely and needed someone to talk to and be friends with, a widower finally received an overwhelming response.

Photo Credit: SWNS

His email crashed, he received calls from all over the world, and has had countless invitations to meet up. What a complete turnaround for Tony Williams of Alton, East Hampshire!

After his wife died 9 days after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Tony had no one to talk to. He sent out an advert in their local paper and even gave out calling cards but his phone never rang. Tony even thought that he was “cursed” with loneliness.

Photo Credit: SWNS

But now he is inundated with emails and calls from new friends from all over the world!

He has also been invited to afternoon drinks of gin and tonics, lunches, road trips all over the US, and phone calls from India, Japan, Holland, Egypt, Australia, Germany, and the USA.

People have also been inviting him to be a grandfather to their kids.


“The love and compassion people have shown has actually brought tears to my eyes. People have sent me the most delightful emails,” Tony said.

Tony added, “They’ve sent me pictures of their kids, their pets, told me about their aspirations and telling me they are thinking of me. I got an email from a local teacher asking if children in her class could write me letters. I got in touch with her straight away and said it would be delightful. I would love that.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

But if there is a downside to it, Tony said, “The thing is, I can’t respond now, as my email account seems to have crashed. A red message came up saying there was some sort of error and it needs to be reset.”

Despite that “glitch,” Tony now enjoys his chats on the phone with his new found friends.

He added, “I’ve just been completely overwhelmed and am so thankful for it all.”

Source: Good News Network