Looks Can Be Deceiving: ‘Grumpy’ Dwarf Kitten With A Permanent Frown Is Actually Sassy

  • Carroll County Humane Society has just rescued a litter of kittens which includes the first dwarf cat at the rescue.
  • The humane society asked Michelle Roberts to foster the kittens, especially the special needs one.
  • The smallest one captured Roberts’ heart from day 1 with her sassiness and unusual physical features making her a foster fail as she is now part of the Roberts family.

Foster volunteer Michelle Roberts has taken care of special needs cats for a time now.  So when the Carroll County Humane Society in Tennessee received a litter of kittens, they thought of Michelle.

The smallest of the litter had a genetic abnormality— dwarfism. Her growth was stunted and she had abnormal body proportions.  She also had an obvious frown that made her look grumpy.

Photo Credit: Michelle Roberts

The center sent her a photo of the first dwarf cat at the humane society and asked if she would be interested in fostering the whole litter.  They knew that aside from taking good care of the rest of the kittens, Roberts would be perfect for the smallest kitty’s needs.

Not only did Roberts not hesitate to foster the kittens, but the sassy one also captured her attention and she named her Widget.

Photo Credit: Michelle Roberts

Roberts said, “It was very obvious that she was smaller than her siblings. She weighed less than the other cats and just really wasn’t growing. You could also tell that her legs were very short and ‘chonky’ and she certainly had that ‘Grumpy Cat’ look. I instantly fell in love”, she added.

Widget may be small but her personality is huge. And she decided that she wants Roberts for her mom.  And so, when her siblings got adopted, she remained with her chosen mom— Roberts.

Photo Credit: Michelle Roberts

Roberts can only say, “She has been sassy from day one. It’s like she knew all eyes were on her and she could do whatever she wanted, and could get away with it. She is still like that today.”

Widget thrives in the attention and adoration that Roberts and her three other cat siblings have been giving her.

How can she not when she knows that her mom loves her no matter what— all 7 pounds of her, frown and sassiness. 

Source: The Dodo

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