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Loyal dog finds new home after tragic death of late owner



  • Baby Dog is a cattle dog who was found lying on top of his owner’s lifeless body.
  • He was found, along with his owner and the other dog Buddy, a few days after they ran into an accident in the middle of a snowstorm.
  • Baby Dog is now with his new home and owner, Peggy.

Baby Dog had some troubling, traumatic past. His previous owner David Deshon died in his very eyes, right next to him, after their car got stuck during a snowstorm in a remote area in Sacramento, California.

Baby Dog was found in the exact accident scene, lying on top of his lifeless owner. According to reports, David and his two dog, Baby Dog and Buddy, were missing for several days after they were found by a search and rescue team.

Photo Credit: Placer County Animal Services

Apparently, it was Buddy who initially sought for help, barking SOS at a neighbor’s house.

David’s daughter, Shona, who drove the whole community to help search for her father and the two dogs was devastated of both losing her dad, Baby Dog, and Buddy.

According to her, she wouldn’t be able to fully take good care of the dogs since she stays away from home most of the time. Baby Dog and Buddy ended up at Placer County Animal Services, an animal shelter in Auburn, California.

Lisa Lomeli, who happens to be Shona’s neighbor, came across Baby Dog at the shelter. She said that Shona was selfless enough to let the dogs go to people who can actually look after them.

“No matter how bad I want them because they’re a part of my dad and I love those dogs, if I can’t give them the attention they need, it’s not fair to the dogs. I have to think about what’s best for them,” Shona said.

This is when Lisa thought of a new owner that would be perfect for Baby Dog: her mom!


Peggy Morrill, who’s been battling cancer since the pandemic, lost her dog, too. No matter how deeply she wanted a new dog since then, she didn’t have much time and energy to go out to look for one.

Shona thought the idea was brilliant, and so she and Lisa set the meeting up.

Photo Credit: Lisa Lomeli/TODAY

When Lisa went to the shelter to finally meet Baby Dog, she was already expecting that she would come face to face with a depressed, standoffish dog. She understands, though, especially with what Baby Dog went through.

Lisa’s first words were, “Baby Dog, can you come and let me pet you?”

Unexpectedly, Baby Dog came rushing over to her, and mindfully placed his head on her lap. What’s more, Baby Dog wagged his tail and kissed Lisa’s face. It was such a glorious, glorious sight!

The next day, Baby Dog was on his way to his second home. According to Peggy, Baby Dog is just the perfect dog for her!

Photo Credit: Lisa Lomeli/TODAY

Source: TODAY