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Man Gives Spontaneous Intercom Concert To Entertain Passengers On Delayed Flight [Video]



  • A flight was delayed and the gate agents were already inundated with questions from passengers.
  • Gate agents required those who asked to sing.
  • One traveler took them up on their challenge and brought the house down with his “No Diggity” performance.

Waiting for a delayed flight certainly makes passengers lose their patience. They say patience is a virtue but not all know what to do with their time and attitude while waiting.

We see kids running around and grown men and women lashing at people at the counter, asking questions that have been repeatedly asked by numerous people.

But once in a while, there is an exception to the grumpy and short-fused passenger in waiting.

Traveler Mike Valda captured that “rare” occurrence on video and shared his experience on Facebook. He said, “So our gate at Nola Southwest required everyone who asked a question to sing.” He reckoned that maybe the gate agents were just reducing the line or scaring them to not ask questions.

Photo Credit: Mike Vadala (Facebook)

But there was one guy who was not intimidated by the demand. Mike said, “This guy went off.” And sang his heart out!

With a rousing performance of “No Diggity”, he soon got the other passengers and the gate agents singing along!

Photo Credit: Mike Vadala (Facebook)

And when he was done, the traveler dropped the intercom to hearty clapping. Their gate certainly was not surly anymore. 

We sure do hope to have him when our flight gets delayed. 

Source: Inspire More