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Man Spends Entire Stimulus Check To Give Out Free Food In His Neighborhood “Because His Momma Raised Him Right”



  • This man used up his stimulus check to hand out hundreds of free burgers and hot dogs to his neighbors.
  • He decided to use his money after the local supermarket in his town had stopped business operations.
  • He and other volunteers had set-up a grill in their neighborhood, feeding about 160 families.

Ronald Kearney, 61 years old, from Killeen, Central Texas handed out hundreds of burgers and hot dogs to feed anyone in his neighborhood who wanted to eat for free.

He purchased the food items using the 1,200 USD from the stimulus check he was issued. The decision to do so came after their local supermarket closed down, leaving his neighbors out of food. Ronald says that he wanted to do this because “it drives him crazy to see them suffering.”

“My momma raised me right, and this just felt like the right thing to do,” he said.

Ronald bought the burgers, hot dogs, and buns in bulk in Walmart with his own money. He then set-up a grill with the help of other volunteers in his neighborhood and started cooking to hand out a hamburger and hot dog combo to anyone who wanted one.

Their set-up offered take-outs for people to bring home food to their families, Killeen Daily Herald reports. The food items and supplies ran out within hours of distribution after serving hamburgers and hot dogs to an estimated 160 families.

 “Everyone is going to remember this time,” he said. “If people act like jerks right now, everyone is going to remember it. If people are good to each other, they will remember that, too. How we act now is going to define us for the rest of our lives.”

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act is to help people. The stimulus check from the government is used by many to pay off rent, medical bills, and other expenses that may have been put off because of the economic situation during this virus outbreak in the country. For Ronald Kearney, however, he is “doing OK” for the time being.

“I work in repair and I am doing a job almost every day, but I see other people around here struggling… So I got my stimulus check direct deposited, and I went out to the store and bought 400 hotdogs, 400 hamburgers and some other items and handed them out to everyone who wanted one,” Ronald explained.

Ronald says that this crisis brings out the true colors in people. It is within his belief system that this is the time to remind everybody to look out for one another. He says that Americans must do the right thing, especially at this time.

“Right now is how we define ourselves as a country and a people. Just because we’re poor doesn’t mean we don’t have stress. We’re just like everybody else and we can help our neighbors… Don’t fear each other, care for each other.”

Source: Tank’s Good News