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Man Surprised His Girlfriend With Wedding Proposal Right After Near-Death Experience



  • This man was diagnosed with ARVD/C — a heart condition after he was rushed to the hospital because of a sudden seizure.
  • He decided to not want to waste any more time to tell his girlfriend how much he loves her.
  • The moment the couple stepped outside of the hospital, he got down to one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him.

Emma West woke up in the middle of the night to her boyfriend having a seizure. Freddy had been sent to the hospital for admission, going straight into ICU that night. The doctors diagnosed her boyfriend with ARVD/C.

ARVD/C is a genetic, progressive heart condition that leads to abnormal heart rhythms. The near-death experience at the hospital transpired into a new outlook on life and death. It was at that moment that he was made aware of how much he loves his girlfriend and that he did not want to waste any more time to tell her that.

Freddy made up his mind, but first thing’s first. He had to recover to get out of the hospital first. He was confined inside the hospital for days without visitation because of the coronavirus. Still, Emma tried everything permissible to keep his spirits up.

Freddy started arranging for the proposal the day he started recovering. Since he must remain inside the hospital, he solicited help from his mother, the nursing staff, and a jeweler who agreed to sell him an engagement ring overnight. By then, the only thing left for him to do is ask the question after the hospital has cleared to discharge him from their care.

He asked the question the moment they stepped outside of the hospital. The proposal took his girlfriend by surprise. Emma was totally shocked!

She says that up until the proposal outside of the hospital, their relationship had been a very private affair. The idea that his boyfriend got on one knee in front of people out on the streets was unpredictable.

The proposal surprised her, but between the tears and laughter, she said yes!


Not everybody could turn a near-death experience in the middle of a global pandemic into one of the most emotional proposals out there. Great job, Freddy!

Source: Inspire More