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Man Who Saved Child From Speeding Train Gives 50% of Reward Money to Boy’s Family [Video]



  • Mayur Shelke’s first act of heroism was when he saved a child from a speeding train after he fell on the tracks.
  • The second act was when he donated half of his reward money for the boy’s education.
  • The rail worker is not financially well-off but he shared his good fortune because he knows the boy’s family also needs financial assistance.

When a rail worker saved the life of a child from being run over by a train, no one expected him to give a good portion of the reward to the same child.  Acts of heroism that can restore your faith in humanity.

Mayur Shelke let instinct took over when he saw a child fell onto an oncoming train’s path.

He said, “I ran towards the child but also thought that I might be in danger too. Still, I thought I should save him.” 

He added that the woman with the child was visually impaired and so she would not be able to do anything.

Mayur said that as a new father himself who thinks of his child as the apple of his eyes, he felt that he had to rush and save him.  The child was someone’s precious child. 

His kindness went viral on the internet.  And for his heroism, he was rewarded by the Ministry of Railways with ₹50,000 ($660) in a special ceremony.

But the capeless hero decided to give half of the cash gift to the boy’s family for the child’s education.

Even if he has his own family to be responsible for financially, he said that he decided to share his reward as the boy’s family is not financially strong.

Photo Credit: BBC

Mayur said, “I’ll give half of the amount, given to me as a token of appreciation, for that child’s welfare & education.”

This new act of selfishness has again made him more popular on social media.  May his kindness and good spirit be a shining example to others.

So, you see, true heroes really do not wear capes.  Only their hearts on their sleeves.

Source: Good News Network