Michael Jordan Opens Second Medical Clinic For Uninsured Patients [Video]

  • Michael Jordan was ecstatic in the opening of his second clinic after the first one opened last year. 
  • Both clinics were started in 2017 through his $7 million donation to the Novant Health group. 
  • But more than just medical needs, they also aim to help people in their life struggles as they serve the underprivileged community members of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Basketball superstar, Michael Jordan, feels elated after the second medical clinic he funded in Charlotte, North Carolina, officially opened. 

Just a year after the first clinic — Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic — opened to the public, the second one also opened on Monday. Both clinics were started in 2017 through Jordan’s $7 million donation to the Novant Health group. 

“It gives my family great pride to know that we are making a difference in Charlotte,” he told The Charlotte Observer.

Last year, when the first clinic was opened, the sports legend was in tears of pure joy. And this time, he feels the same level of extreme happiness. 

The facilities aim to aid underprivileged community members and provide them with dental, behavioral, physical, and other health services. 

“As you can see, it’s a very emotional thing for me to be able to give back to a community that’s supported me over the years,” Jordan said in the opening ceremony of the first clinic last year. 

Dr. Michael Hoben at Novant described the clinics’ services as based on an “integrated care model” — in which they connect patients with social workers to help them further in life and not just attend to their medical needs. 

Photo Credit: D. Myles Cullen

“A patient’s ability to access food, housing, clothing, transportation, has a huge impact on their ability to achieve high-quality health care,” Dr. Hoben said. “So if we’re only addressing the traditional medical needs, we’re missing probably half of what they really need to achieve their highest or best health.”

Charlotte resident, Diane Brodie, testified that it was the first clinic ever that she experienced doctors actually listening to her and gave her life-changing care for her diabetes at no cost. 

“If I could meet (Jordan) — I’m just so grateful,” she added. “I just want him to know, I’m grateful and I thank him so much because he has helped so many people.”

Source: PEOPLE

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Michael Jordan is a very FAMOUS MAN…Why? Because he was the greatest Basketball Player ever…And now, he is an extremely GENEROUS MAN for what wonderful things that he does for the unfortunate people…’

LOVE this man…

God Bless you Mr. Jordan for giving back to the communities. You are a gentleman.

perfect role model. Thank you for showing what people like you should do. Kneeling and rioting will not get us where we want to be.
Many, many thanks

I thought ObamaCare was supposed to reach every American? So, just what exactly is this about? Maybe the revelation of a terribly failed policy? Maybe the article could have been far more accurate and useful if it had addressed this aspect? Or, is this just another lib feel-good, no facts article?