Mini cow who was not accepted by his herd gets adopted by dogs

  • A mini cow named Haru felt out of place in his herd as they were a lot bigger than him.
  • When Haru got adopted by a family with a pack of dogs, that is when his love for dogs came out and his life changed.
  • Haru now hangs out with his dog pack and even carefully handles foster puppies.  

Haru is much smaller than the other cattle in his herd and that is why he is quite a misfit.ย  This led him to become a loner as he feels he was not accepted by his herd… until he got adopted by a pack of dogs!


While scrolling on Craigslist, Amber Sullivan-Vo and her husband, Anthony, found Haru and decided on rescuing him.ย  The couple was not quite sure if it would work but Haru proved her fears wrong. In about a week, Haru warmed up to the dogs. Sullivan-Ho said, โ€œHaru really likes our dogs!โ€

All the things that the dogs do, Haru does too!  He sniffs new foster dogs and does the zoomies like the other dogs.  He even lowers his head when he plays with the dogs and gives them kisses. The dogs think that Haru is one big dog and they love him to bits.

Sullivan-Ho said, โ€œThey all hang out together in the yard,โ€ Sullivan-Vo said.


Haru may be big for a dog, but he is very careful with the small ones. Sullivan-Ho said, โ€œHe is very aware of his size.โ€ This became evident when the family decided to foster puppies. โ€œIf he was running around and playing and he saw that the puppies were out, he would quickly settle down and stop running,โ€ Sullivan-Ho recalled.

What a gentle big dog Haru is and he has finally found where he really belongs.

Source: The Dodo

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