Missing Girl Survives Snowstorm by Hugging Stray Dog for 18 Hours [Video]

  • A 10-year-old girl in Russia survived a freezing blizzard by clinging to the warmth of a stray dog.
  • After leaving school at around 1pm, the girl got lost as a snowstorm overtook her.
  • She was found miraculously alive the following morning and suffered only a minor frostbite.

A missing 10-year-old girl managed to survive overnight in a snowstorm in Russia. The girl said she hugged a stray dog for 18 hours to stay warm.

After going missing from school in Uglegorsk, Russia, a team of authorities and volunteers started a search party, local newspapers reported. The girl was caught in the freezing winter blizzard and clung to the warmth of the stray dog before she was found.

Vika went missing around 1 p.m. on Jan. 13. Her mother called the police and reported her missing.

The blizzard had led to up to 2 feet of snowdrifts and poor visibility. A search party was formed to scour the town to try to find the girl. Finally, a tip came from a local resident who recalled seeing a girl playing with a stray dog near a shelter.

Thankfully, Vika was appropriately dressed for the cold. She was found under a low balcony hugging the animal as both sat on a mattress. The girl said she was “hugging a fluffy dog for warmth.”

“The fact that the girl remained alive in such weather really is a miracle,” volunteer searcher Anatoly Ivanov, told the newspaper. 

“We were looking all night, nothing was visible at all, our hands in mittens were so cold, it was difficult to straighten our fingers. By morning, we started to think she would not be found alive. How can you survive such a nightmare outside?”

According to Russian media outlet,Β ASTV, the girl was taken to a local hospital and was able to return home the same day.Β We’re hoping the dog was also taken care of and removed from the cold weather.

It was a miracle, indeed! That stray must be an angel in a dog form. Who knows?

Source: USA Today

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Blog Comments

That dog saved this little girls life. Yet the mother left the dog out in the snow with no home. How about adopting the dog??????

I thought the same thing!

Really!!! I cannot believe ANYONE could be so cold-hearted to not save this Hero dog!! This is the damndest! People make me sick!!

This dog saved the little girl’s life. Why didnt the mom take the dog home with them ? The dog needs a warm home. If that would have been my kid, I would have took the dog home.

Since there was no indication that this dog was taken in by the girls family, I am hoping that it had a home and just happen to be out and knew the girl needed help and stayed with her. Dogs instincts are sometime better than humans. I had an experience with a family dog that belonged to my brother-in-law a few years back. My B-I-L, was blind and deaf. In the summer of that year, my B-I-L was outside his home and suffered a major stroke and fell in the middle of his driveway. This dog climbed out of the backyard fence and after checking on my B-I-L, he went to a close by pond, filled his mouth with water and went back to my B-I-L licking the fresh water on his face until a neighbor saw him and got the paramedics to him. He saved my B-I-L’s life.

God sent that dog to save that beautiful little girl.