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Mom always comes home to random gifts from her dog



  • When Lori Eddins came home to his pup carrying a half-chewed box of screws in his mouth, she begged and baby-talked so he would surrender it.
  • Lori thinks that incident might have inspired Levi to bring her gifts every time she comes home.
  • Since then, Levi has welcomed his mom home with random stuff — toys, bones, blankets, grass, pieces of paper, and even clumps of horse manure!

It just started with a box of screws, and since then, Levi has started greeting his mom with gifts of random stuff he finds around their home.

Photo Credit: Lori Eddins/The Dodo

“The very first thing that stands out was when he brought me an open, half-chewed box of screws,” Lori Eddins, the Levi’s mom, told The Dodo. “I think my begging and baby-talking for him to surrender the box of screws might be what inspired his deliveries. He thought it was great!”

Good thing Levi didn’t snack on the hardware tools and his x-rays came out clear. But since that day, Levi started a very thoughtful routine of welcoming his mom back home with presents.

Every time Lori comes home, the Lab mix gets thrilled to find the perfect “gift” for her. Although it isn’t actually what Lori needs or wants, the pup’s gift is a sure way to lighten his mom’s mood after a hard day’s work. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

Photo Credit: Lori Eddins/The Dodo

“He has brought everything from his toys, to bones and blankets, to clumps of grass, pieces of cardboard or paper (I call them ‘cards’) and landscape timber,” Lori said. “My favorite was when he found where the flower bed had been cleaned out and he brought me flowers.”

At times, Levi would even bring her clumps of horse manure or one of the chickens on the property!

Photo Credit: Lori Eddins/The Dodo

Although these are not the usual gifts somebody would give someone, Lori is pretty grateful for Levi’s sweet gesture. It never fails to make up her day.

There are also times when Levi meets the fur mom at the gate empty-handed. And that’s when Lori lets him carry the keys to the door, and it makes the sweet pup so proud.

Levi looks elated every time his mom comes home and accepts his gift. In return, Lori makes sure he knows that she’s as happy for having someone so generous and thoughtful as he is, who’s always anticipating for her to come home.

Photo Credit: Lori Eddins/The Dodo

“I give him huge hugs and thank him as if he brought me the winning lottery ticket,” Lori said. “Most things I give back to him, some end up in the trash. I did keep the flowers!”

Source: The Dodo