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Mom Catches Puppy Trying to Escape his Playpen



  • At six months old, Mia the puppy is full of energy.
  • Even though her family keeps placing her in a playpen for her protection, she always tries to escape it.
  • One day, she climbed up her playpen as soon as her mom headed out, but she was caught in the act moments later!

Six-month-old Mia is your typical pup — full of energy and mischief.

Photo Credit: Christina Rosado

Mia’s mom, Christina Rosado, told The Dodo, “She’s very loving and protective. She gets the zoomies a lot in the evenings.”

So they try to contain Mia in her playpen or her kennel for her protection. But whenever Mia is filled with energy that she can’t expend in the small space, she tries to escape every now and then.

Christina shared, “Mia escapes all the time from the playpen and figured out how to escape from her kennel … Mia is a very smart girl.”

Photo Credit: Christina Rosado

One day, Christina was preparing to leave the house. So she placed Mia in her playpen to nap while she’s out.

She had already headed out to her car when she had to go back inside for something she forgot.

Here’s what she saw when she walked back into the kitchen:

Photo Credit: Christina Rosado

Mia the mischief-maker was in the middle of an escape attempt — and had almost made it to her freedom.

She was already at the top of her playpen when she saw her mom. She had been caught in the act of escaping!

Photo Credit: Christina Rosado

Christina recalled, “Mia just had a look of, ‘Oh crap, I’m busted.’”

It turns out that Mia often does this. But Christina had no idea that Mia immediately tries escaping as soon as she heads out!

Luck was not on Mia’s side this time, however.

Mia’s escape attempts do not make her family love her any less — it just adds to her already adorable character.

Source: The Dodo