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Mom Has To Lock The Microwave Because The Cat Keeps Napping Inside [Video]



  • Bentley the cat is obsessed with the family’s microwave open that he has taken to sleeping in it.
  • His mom Brittany explained that it started when she forgot that she left the pizza in the microwave and woke up the next day to find Bentley had managed to open it and was eating the pizza. 
  • Brittany said that each time Bentley visits the microwave and stays in it, they make sure it is cleaned.

As Zoologist Luis Villazon explained to BBC Science Focus magazine, “Cats can spend 18 hours a day sleeping. As they are solitary animals, they want a safe hiding place to snooze.” And one cat named Bentley has taken to sleeping in their microwave oven!

@lemon_and_lads Replying to @alicia716s one time I didn’t latch the lock!! (Yes I know people will find this gross, yes I cleaned my microwave after this, I stopped to film because it was cute, no need to judge. I cleaned it and no I didn’t microwave my cat 😁) #LemonLads🍋 #microwavecat #SmartCat #streetcat #catsoftheday #catsoftiktokcomedy ♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber

A confined space of this kind is ideal to sleep in and Bentley knows it too well.  His mom Brittany explains that this started when she mistakenly left some takeout pizza in the oven one night.

Brittany recalled, “I woke up to a bunch of noise and went down to see the microwave open, Bentley on the floor engorged with pizza and the other cats circling around watching.”

Photo Credit: @lemon_and_lads (TikTok)

Brittany believes that having figured out how to open the microwave door, Bentley has become “the muscle” of the food operation, and lets the others “enjoy the fruits of his labor”.

And from then on, Bentley knew where the food was and so he preferred sleeping on the microwave oven itself.  Brittany was forced to install a child lock on the oven so Bentley won’t be able to open it.

@lemon_and_lads We had to put a child lock on the microwave, Bentley is too smart for his own good 😂😅 #screammovie #DoritosTriangleTryout #LemonLads🍋 #SmartCat #streetcat #catsoftheday #catsoftiktokcomedy ♬ Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Not only is the microwave an enclosed space to catch some sleep, it is a source of food for Bentley.

The moment that Brittany rescued the then 3-year-old Himalayan/Siamese breed, Bentley already showed that he wanted to be an indoor cat and was super food-motivated. This springs from being a food-deprived stray for a time. Now that he is provided with food, he would not have to go far to “hunt” for it.

@lemon_and_lads Replying to @boobafina0.0 wait till the middle/end to see him open. Wanted to answer some of the common questions! Yes I know some will say this is gross, I cleaned my microwave lol. It is what it is, its funny, we’re happy and living life! #LemonLads🍋 #microwavecat #SmartCat #streetcat #catsoftiktokcomedy ♬ original sound – Lemon & Lads🍋🐈‍⬛

Brittany stressed that each time Bentley visits the microwave, they make sure it is cleaned.

Check his microwave-led adventures on his social media account for a series of videos racking up tens of millions of views.

Maybe their microwave has a cat snooze button.

Source: Newsweek