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Mom’s Nursing Home Garden Becomes Daughter’s Wedding Venue



  • Robyn and Tim were scheduled to be wed in the spring of 2021 but had to cancel it.
  • When Robyn visited her mom at her nursing facility, she saw the garden and decided to get married there.
  • Robyn got her dream of having her mom seated at the front row when she got married, even if through a glass window.  

Robyn Roberts-Williams’ mom, Dorothy, has been staying at the Isabella Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Washington Heights, New York for 13 years.

She visits her mom every week but the coronavirus pandemic restrictions introduced changes in their visitation schedules and they have to keep their social distance on these visits.  They now talk through a ground floor window while Robyn sits outside in the facility’s garden.

In one of her window visits, she looked around the garden and had an idea.  You see, Robyn has always dreamed of having her mom in the front row when she would get married.  But their current situation would not allow that. She was scheduled to get married to her boyfriend Tim in the spring of 2021 but they cancelled it.  With the current set-up, they decided they should get married now instead.  

Robyn said, “Once we saw the spot where we get to have the window visit, we said this would just be a perfect spot to have a small ceremony. A few people, efficient, a couple of family members, and that will be the end of that.”

She then consulted with the facility’s director of therapeutic recreation Jessica Garcia-Robinson. Jessica said, “Her family is like our family. It was honestly a privilege to have done this for them.”

Once they had state approval, they did not lose time in planning the wedding with just a month’s notice.

With just 10 people in the garden, and the presence of her mom looking through the window, Robyn and Tim got married.

Photo Credit: MJHS Health System/Facebook

“That day was my 52nd birthday and this is my first marriage. So for my mom to be there, my prayer has always been that. Even when she went to the nursing home, it was always that my mom would be at my wedding no matter what.”

“So to see her face there in the windows, and to have her be mentally present, have her be physically present, and just so excited. It was just amazing.”

They may have gotten married to a small audience, but when Robyn and Tim emerged from the garden, they were met with cheers and well wishes from the tight-knit Washington Heights community from their cars and apartment buildings.


Love indeed finds a way!

Source: Inspire More